Mackenzie is located in the middle of São Paulo Downtown and due the lack of space, we do not have dormitories in our campus.  

We recommend to students neighborhoods such Higienópolis, Santa Cecília, Consolação, Cerqueira César and Jardim Paulista are the closest neighborhoods. It is hard to find any cheap house/room in these regions, but students may save money and time with transportation and will be located in the very heart of Sao Paulo. Also, we give support and information about accomodation prior arrival. Feel free to contact us

Students must bear in your mind that Sao Paulo is a busy city like New York, London, Buenos Aires and so on. São Paulo is a splendorous city full of life, culture and art but it will take a little time to understand how the city works.

Another possibility is to live near to a subway station, since we are close to Higienópolis subway station. To find the subway stations in São Paulo, please click here