Winter / Summer Programs are offered by the MPU for international students, some of which are also open to MPU students. These courses usually take place in July (summer in Europe, United States, Canada and Asian countries), but may also take place in January. MPU has invested in international partnerships to expand the offer those programs.

Check bellow the Summer Courses currently offered:

Exchanging Hemispheres - Exchanging Hemispheres - It is an event of academic immersion, exchange of experiences, broadening horizons, in a foreign language culture. The program seeks to promote courses in foreign languages, taught by visiting professors, with the participation of professors from MPU. The program consists of the following course for the year 2020:


The course will present theories of access to justice, clinical legal education and pro bono and cause lawyering. The practical content will explore skills enhanced by university-based drop in legal advice clinics and the issues and challenges involved in going "virtual" in times of COVID.

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