International Internship

MPU students can take internships during their academic mobility. If the internship meets the specifications of the Internship Regulation of your course, you may request equivalence of hours. To do so, you must submit your application for equivalence to the office of the University Secretary (in Portuguese Secretaria Geral) the internship agreement and a final certificate, which shows the total hours of internship and the list of activities performed. The final report must be signed by your company or university trainer. The agreement alone is not sufficient to apply for equivalence.

It is also possible for students to do their Academic Mobility only to take an internship, provided that within the scope of the internship program of some international university, or even, within the framework of some international organization that sends a letter of acceptance to the student and make all the arrangements with the company that provides the internship. In short, the student will have a learning agreement composed only of internship activities.