The Undergraduate and Academic Affairs Pro Rectory guides its activities aiming at adapting the university structure to parameters that meet an ever-present and evolving academic setting, giving consistent meaning to the efficiency and effectiveness, along with an integrative spirit, to the actions of the Rectory concerning the coordination, supervision and control of undergraduate education.

In perfect harmony with the different University Units through its courses principals and directors, PRGA incorporates the activities and the guidelines aspects that involve the undergraduate school programs. We strive for education excellency and quality with critical reflections concerning planning, coordination, assessment, supervision and faculty training. The office provides support to the university entrants according to rules and norms which meet the legislation in force, maintaining an effective information system always updated and transparent.    

In order to develop the activities under the Undergraduate and Academic Affairs Pro Rectory management, the coordinating of the Pedagogical Support, Academic Development, Libraries, Student Services and Systems are embedded.

Profa. Dra. Marili Moreira da Silva Vieira