Understanding Extension as an integrative privileged instrument for the institutional mission of MPU, as well as recognizing the importance of Education for the overall exercise of citizenship and development of the human being in society, the Extended and Continuing Education Office brings both Extension and Continuing Education as academic practices allied to teaching and research and promoting the integration of several different segments of the university, aiming the integration of extensionist activities that will enhance the possible knowledge that is built or shared in this Institution, sharing it with the external community. Therefore, MPU reinforces the connections between the teaching and research activities with the needs of the academic community and the social demands, helping build responsibility and social commitment considering higher education.

The directive board of Extended and Continuing Education Office is composed by the Provost and his direct advisors, acting in a colegiate for internal decisions. There are four Coordinations attached to the Office: Art and Culture Coordination, Extension Coordination, Mackenzie Language Center and Extended and Continuing Education. At MPU, all the thematic areas of extension named by the National Extension Plan (Plano Nacional de Extensão (2001) and adopted by ForExt, have been named: Communication, Culture, Human Rights and Justice, Education, Environment, Work and Technology and Production.

Prof. Dr. Jorge Alexandre Onoda Pessanha