Academic Activities

Extension Activities

The university extension is the educational, cultural and scientific process that articulates teaching and research in an inseparable way and enables the transformative relationship between university and society, aiming at the socialization of academic knowledge. At the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, this program is linked to its vision and mission, which, is based on the confessional and philanthropic nature of the Institution. Extension activities are considered: programs, projects, courses, events, services, consulting, advisory services, curatorships, monitored visits, publications, and other academic products.

Research - PIBIC

The Institutional Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program (PIBIC) and the Institutional Technological Development and Innovation Scholarship Program (PIBITI), funded by CNPq ( or by our University (, grant scholarships to undergraduate students involved in scientific research. The participation of the students in these programs allows additional development to the academic formation, reflecting in the future as professional or researcher in the area of Computing and Systems. The obtained knowledge broadens the student's vision in solving problems through the experience gained in establishing objectives and methods to reach the results and products of their research projects.