Academic Activities


The Course Completion Work (CBT) is a mandatory completion activity at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. It is an academic work that expresses the knowledge acquired during the course, appropriate to the student's School History and their ability to perform in relation to the method of work and the chosen subject. Its evaluation is public and the papers are defended orally before the Examining Board (Banking). The development of CBT is extremely important for the maturity of the student, preparing him for the professional life, and emphasizing in its realization the quality, the investigative sense, the scientific methodology, the ethics and future professional positions.


The internship is fundamental for students as they represent the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills that are being developed during the course. To support them in the search for a traineeship, there is in the Mackenzie the AAE (Administrative Area of ​​Internships), also known by the name of MackEstágio, that has rooms for attendance to the student inside its campuses. In addition, each course has an internship coordinator whose function is to support students, before and during their internships.

Additional Activities

Complementary Activities are a compulsory curricular component of the Course. They correspond to a quantity of hours established in the pedagogical plan of each course, and that involve academic, scientific or cultural activities to be developed in the University or outside it, during the course of graduation. The hours must be fulfilled outside the regular hours of classes and can be developed in monitoring, elective courses, research projects, participation in events and congresses, visits to museums and exhibitions, etc.

Extension Activities

The university extension is the educational, cultural and scientific process that articulates teaching and research in an inseparable way and enables the transformative relationship between university and society, aiming at the socialization of academic knowledge. At the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, the establishment of an Extension policy is linked to its vision and mission, which, based on the confessional and community nature of the Institution, is also characterized by its philanthropic character. Extension activities are considered: programs, projects, courses, events, services, consulting, advisory services, curatorships, monitored visits, publications and other academic products.



Research in the Science and Technology Center at UPM is carried out through the participation of students in the Institutional Program for Scientific and Technological Initiation (PIBIC, PIVIC, PIBITI and PIVITI), or in research groups accredited with CNPq ( Consolidated Research Groups) or in emerging research groups, led by faculty researchers.

The research groups, emerging and consolidated, are accessible to interested students, which can be, even, contemplated by a scholarship-research.

The Institutional Scholarship Program for Scientific Initiation (PIBIC), the Institutional Voluntary Program for Scientific Initiation (PIVIC) and the Institutional Program for Technological Development and Innovation Grants (PIBITI) introduce the undergraduate student in scientific research, starting in the field of scientific techniques and methods, under the guidance of a professor-researcher. Throughout the 12 months of your research, the student may receive a scholarship to assist him during this period. The scientific and technological initiation enables the student to be adequately qualified, with a view to a future Post-Graduation, besides allowing him to develop a critical sense and grant him a unique academic experience, widely valued in the labor market.