Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute


Mackenzie in Numbers

Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie, which maintains the Institution, has more than 3,800 employees - 1,800 teachers and 2,000 administrative staff - who work in several areas, as well as having all the structure of the schools in the São Paulo, Barueri, Palmas and Brasília units. Today, more than 9,000 school students enjoy a teaching and learning process based on Christian principles for the formation of responsible citizens. The Mackenzie schools follow the Mackenzie System of Teaching (SME) from kindergarten to Secondary School.  The SME is also adopted in 270 confessional schools across the country, in addition to the Mackenzie Educational System (ME), followed by 65 non-denominational schools.

The higher education courses offered by Mackenzie are found at Presbyterian Mackenzie Faculties in Rio de Janeiro e Brasília, at Universidade PresbiterianaMackenzie, units of Higienópolis, Alphaville (São Paulo) and Campinas, which are part of an academic complex with approximately 38 thousand students between Undergraduate, Graduate and master's degrees, graduate specialization and extension (courses) and EaD (distance courses), In Company Courses and Foreign Language Center.

The built areas in the Mackenzie units allow students to have, in addition to teaching excellence, infrastructures compatible with the best teaching institutions in the country. We have 117,000 m² of constructed area in the Higienópolis campus; 30,000 m² on the Alphaville campus; 27,000 m² in Campinas campus; 33,000 m² in Brasília campus; and 605,000 m² in Rio de Janeiro.