The way we see it, Elementary Education is when the student begins to understand the main concepts of different areas of knowledge. For this consolidation – or, as the name itself says, elementary – stage, we work with all academic contents with special emphasis on developing reading, writing and logical thinking skills.

We believe this to be a vital moment of school life because it establishes the first criteria according to which the students will organize their thoughts and actions critically.

This also means that they assume basic Biblical principles and values as lenses to understand and explain reality. A careful reading of the material from this point of view can prove the presence of all these elements defined by a Christian pedagogy.

Crescer em Sabedoria Collection

The first year of the Crescer em Sabedoria Collection is still Integrated (all disciplines address the same theme in the same chapter), reinforcing interdisciplinarity which is for us a reflex of the structure of reality, especially because in this first year the child is still adapting to the change from Pre-School Education to Elementary Education. From the 2nd grade on, we start working per discipline*, keeping our commitment with the interdisciplinary view by organizing our material as follows: we present a general, interdisciplinary theme that is analyzed by each discipline until we reach more specific concepts of each discipline, and then we assess the meaning of all aspects studied for the student’s life.

The Christian worldview is present when we stress the need for order and coherence, which can be seen in the thematic relationship between the texts, problems, exercises, chapters, and Units. It is based on the principle that God made the abstract and the concrete realities.

In this segment, in addition to students’ books, we have the teacher’s book (with answers)**, support materials for the teacher and a teacher's manual.

* All disciplines (Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Sciences, Geography, History, Art, English Language) are taught from grades 1 to 9; Spanish Language is the only one taught from grades 6 to 9.

** The teacher’s book for grades 1 to 5, for SME, as from 2019.