Pedagogical Model

Our Pedagogical Model is cognitive interactionist. We understand that the student needs to interact with the reality, but it is important that the teacher transmits knowledge, taking into consideration the maturity and cognitive development of the student to understand it.

Hence, we are neither socio-interactionists nor constructivists. We are cognitive interactionists.

The cognition model that we adopt considers that to learn we need to perceive, understand and reflect on the subjects of knowledge studied. Thus, when transmitting knowledge, the teacher must lead the students through each of these stages. In turn, the students infer each of them. This movement is based on the Theory of Meaningful Learning.

For us, the context must make sense to the students. After all, who has never asked: “Why am I studying this?”. In our view, it is also important that, in the interaction with the subjects of knowledge, the student perceives that all is part of the same reality. So, it is impossible not to have an exchange of knowledge among the different disciplines.