MackGraphe Researcher wins Best Capes Thesis award

01.10.201818h00 Comunicação - Marketing Mackenzie

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MackGraphe's former PhD student and current postdoctoral researcher, Henrique Bücker Ribeiro, won the award for Best Thesis in the area of ​​Engineering IV (Electrical and Computing Engineering) in the CAPES Thesis 2018 Award. Dr. Henrique Ribeiro defended his PhD thesis: "Raman Spectroscopy in Two-Dimensional Materials" in 2017 under advising of Prof. Eunézio "Thoroh" de Souza from MackGraphe, and co-advising of Prof. Marcos Pimenta (from Federal University of Minas Gerais). In the development of his work, there was also great collaboration of Prof. Christiano de Matos, from MackGraphe, who is the current postdoctoral supervisor of Dr. Henrique Ribeiro.

The CAPES Thesis Award announced in 2018 is related to PhD theses defended in 2017. In total, 42 PhD theses were awarded in the various areas of knowledge. According to CAPES, the awards criteria considered: the originality of the work; its relevance to scientific, technological, cultural, social and innovation development; the value added by the educational system to the candidate. For each award-winning doctor, the award consists of: 1) airfare and daily for the author and one of the supervisors of the award thesis to attend the award ceremony that will take place at the headquarters of CAPES, in Brasília. Passages will be paid only for stretches that comprise the Brazilian territory; 2) award certificate to be awarded to the supervisor, coorientator (s) and the program in which the thesis was defended; 3) award certificate and medal for the author; 4) award to the supervisor for participation in a national academic academic event, in the amount of R $ 3,000.00 (three thousand reais); 5) scholarship to carry out a postdoctoral internship in a national institution for up to 12 months for the thesis author.

The result of the Capes de Teses 2018 Award can be checked at the link (in portuguese):