MackGraphe professors are awarded with Productivity in Research scholarship from CNPq

14.01.201916h00 Comunicação - Marketing Mackenzie

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On Friday, January 11, 2019, were announced the results of the CNPq 2018 Productivity in Research Scholarship (PQ). The professors Christiano de Matos, Guilhermino Fechine, Dario Bahamon and Dunieskys Larrude were awarded with the scholarships due to its high academic productivity in recent years. Two of these professors were already scholarship holders and had the scholarship renewed (Christiano de Matos and Guilhermino Fechine). In particular, Prof. Christiano de Matos was promoted from level 2 to 1D due to his spectacular productivity in the last 8 years. With these two renewed (Christiano de Matos and Guilhermino Fechine) and two new scholarships (Dario Bahamon and Dunieskys Larrude), the MackGraphe faculty team reaches the mark of 6 Productivity in Research scholarships, including Prof. Eunézio "Thoroh" de Souza, and Prof. Leandro Seixas, who were awarded in previous years. In a similar modality, Productivity in  Technological Development and Innovative Extension, MackGraphe still counts with a scholarship for the Prof. Mauro Terence.

In total, 5103 researchers from all over Brazil were awarded with Productivity in Research scholarships in this 2018 call, with 13 from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. The results can be found in this link: CNPq - PQ 2018.