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This is our education portal.

Here you will find texts and material that enable interaction between school and family. Some of the content will be specifically for teachers, but there is also material for students and parents. Our aim is for this portal to be a valuable tool in monitoring the educational process throughout Basic Education, which ideally lasts eighteen years.

The knowledge formed during this time is the basis for citizenship and professional future.

How is this website organized?

You can navigate using links, clicking on each topic of interest to you.

You can also click on specific tabs about what you wish to know, going directly to the chatrooms we have prepared for you dealing with parents, students or teachers.

Further information on our Books

Pre-School Education

AGES 2, 3, 4 AND 5

Elementary Education


What can you find here?

Our educational proposal


Educational Pedagogical Model

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Choosing your Child’s School

Institutional Identity

Vision and Mission of our administrators

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Catalogue of teaching material