Groups and Research Projects

NECO - Controllership Studies Center

Group Status: Institution-certified

Year Formed: 2006

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Octavio Ribeiro de Mendonça Neto

Area of Prevalence: Administration (Administration, Accounting, and Tourism)

Inf: Acesse a area do Laboratório


Research Tracks:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Control




  • Ana Lucia Fontes de Souza Vasconcelos
  • Ana Maria Roux Valentini Coelho Cesar
  • Cecilia Moraes Santostaso Geron
  • Edson Luiz Riccio
  • Flavio Roberto Mantovani
  • Henrique Formigoni
  • José Carlos Tiomatsu Oyadomari
  • João Paulo Cavalcante Lima
  • Liliane Cristina Segura
  • Luiz Carlos Jacob Perera
  • Marcelo Francini Girão Barroso
  • Maria Thereza Pompa Antunes
  • Marta Cristina Pelucio Grecco
  • Octavio Ribeiro de Mendonça Neto
  • Ricardo Lopes Cardoso
  • Ronaldo Gomes Dultra-de-Lima


  • Auro Seigui Uehara
  • Rodrigo Santos Borges
  • Talita de Sousa Mauro
  • Valdério Matias da Silva
Management Control


  • The Contribution of Professional Master Programs to the Development of Management Technologies.
  • The Recent Evolution of the Accounting Profession in Brazil. 
  • Operational Capabilities and Market Performance: Evaluation from the point of view of the Absorptive Capacity and Management Control.
  • Discursive Features of Managerial Control Artifacts .
  • Implementation of Managerial Control Techniques and Micro and Small Firms : an interventionist approach through knowledge sharing.
  • Decision-Making Models Applied to Strategic Management Accounting – SMA.
  • Relationships between Management Controls and Flexibility.
Financial Accounting


  • The Relationship between Sustainable Practices and Business Indicators: an Analysis between Brazilian and European Firms.
  • Independent Audit Practices and the Implications for Firms and Society.
  • Creation of a Composite Sustainability Index for Brazilian Firms .
  • Management and Control Diagnosis of Brazilian Publicly-Listed Corporations.
  • Disclosure vis-à-vis New Accounting Practices and New Technologies.
  • Accounting Statements Preparation and its Implications for Stakeholders. 
  • The Role of Best Corporate Governance and Accountability Practices: Evidence from the Promotion of Sustainable Development in Portugal and Brazil.
  • Taxes and their Social and Business Implications.
  • Prospects of Women’s Influence on the Accounting, Finance, and Administration Areas of Business Firms in Portuguese-Speaking Countries.
  • Value & Risk.