Research Area and Lines of Research

Area of concentration

Degree graduate programs (Master’s e Doctor’s) aims to train researchers and higher education instructors. The Graduate Programs offer courses enabling earning Master’s degrees. To this end, candidates must take a series of subjects (both required and elective), complete research-related scheduled activities (publication of scientific papers, attend conferences, etc.) and write a guided dissertation for presentation before an examination panel. These Programs, after earning good scores before the government authorities that oversee higher education, may also offer doctorate programs for researchers who already hold Master’s degrees. As in the Master’s program, candidates must take subjects, take part in scheduled activities and, after writing a thesis and conducting original research, defend a doctorate thesis.

Research tracks

PPGA is active in the Administration domain and its particular area of concentration is Advanced Management Technologies. That is, Master’s dissertations and Doctor’s theses must address Advanced Management Technologies.

 Strategic Finance

Aims to investigate how business firms and individuals (managers, shareholders and other stakeholders) make decisions about raising and investing (financial and/or non-financial) resources, with the concept of value creation as a parameter.

Human and Social Management at Organizations

Focuses on social and human issues as a means to contribute to the generation of innovative management processes at organizations, based on relationships of respect and trust with stakeholders. The core themes include: learning, skills development, organizational culture, Brazilian culture, diversity, education for sustainability, organizational change and organizing, organizational values and dignity, and research methods for business administration.

Business Resources and Development

Addresses organizational development with a focus on internal and external resources management technologies and on the matching of organizational capabilities and the demands from business sectors for value creation. Its activities focus on topics such as inter-organizational dynamics, industry structure, competitive advantage sources, resource-based view, transaction costs, evolution theories, organizational dynamic capabilities, business models and innovation strategies for market development for the purposes of corporate development.