Groups and Research Projects

CNPq Research Groups of the GHSO research line - Human and Social Management in Organizations

Research and Education in Administration

Leaders of the research group: Dr. Janette Brunstein and Dr. Diógenes de Souza Bido

Research projects in progress:

  • Critical reflection and transformative learning: measuring and evaluating experiences of education for sustainability in business schools (CNPq’s Funding – PQ2)
  • The development of pro-sustainability rationality in the teaching of Administration: evaluation of experiences in the light of theories of critical reflection and transforming learning (FAPESP’s Funding - Regular)
  • Scales as Diagnostic and Management Tools: Critics to the use of exploratory factorial analysis for validation (CNPq’s Funding – PQ2 and Universal).


Values, Dignity and Management

Leaders of the research group: Dr. Maria Luisa Mendes Teixeira and Dr. Silvia Marcia Russi De Domenico

Research projects in progress:



Diversity in Organizations and Culture

Leader of the research group: Dr. Darcy Mitiko Mori Hanashiro

Research projects in progress:

  • Sources of guidance, values ​​and culture: a management study in Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Change and human values ​​within organizations (CNPq Funding - Universal)
CNPq Research Groups of the Strategic Finance research line

Business Valuation

Leader of the research group: Dr. Leonardo Fernando Cruz Basso

Research projects in progress:

  • Ability to innovate (innovativeness) and the innovation impact in value creation (CNPq’s Funding – PQ1).
  • Innovation and competitiveness panels and the impact on financial performance (CNPq’s Funding - Universal).
  • In search of new evidences about enterprise’s capital structure decisions (CNPq’s Funding - PQ2).
  • The role of capital cost estimation in optimizing the capital structure of companies in Brazil (FAPESP’s Funding - Regular).
  • Mapping financial literacy in schools: a practical application (Mackenzie Research Fund’ Funding).
  • Actual exchange rate: Fundamentals versus misalignment (CNPq’s Funding - PQ2).
CNPq Research Groups of the RDE research line – Entrepreneurial Resources and Development

GETCOS - Management, Technology and Competence in Services

Leader of the research group: Dr. Dimária Silva and Meirelles

Research projects in progress:

  • Technology and Technological Competences in Services: an exploratory study (CNPq’s Funding – Applied Social Sciences; and FAPESP’s Funding - Regular).
  • Evolutionary dynamics of organizations: a comparative analysis of demographic processes in the populations of companies in the financial intermediation sector in Brazil (CNPq’s Funding - Applied Social Sciences).


Competitive Intelligence and Strategies for Innovation

Leader of the research group: Dr. Gilberto Perez

Research projects in progress:

  • Analysis of organizational memory dysfunctions and their implications in the use of information systems: study with Brazilian and Portuguese companies (CNPq’s Funding - Applied Social Sciences).


Technological Innovation and Business Growth

Leader of the research group: Dr. Moisés Ari Zilber

Research projects in progress:

  • Innovation: organizational factors that characterize successful companies.


Supply Chain Management

Leader of the research group: Dr. Roberto Giro Moori

Research projects in progress:

  • Model for analysis of strategic (de) alignment in capital goods companies (CNPq’s Funding - Applied Social Sciences).
  • An analysis of the synchronism between strategy and capabilities and their impact on performance in companies in the mechanical capital goods sector (CNPq’s Funding - Universal).
  • The impact of technology on performance in the Brazilian manufacturing industry (CNPq’s Funding - PQ2).


GECADE - Study Group on Knowledge, Alignment and Strategic Decision

Leader of the research group: Dr. Silvio Popadiuk

Research projects in progress:

  • Dynamic capabilities mediated by the absorptive capacity and its influence in the operational performance: an application in fuel distributors in the port industrial complex of Suape-PE (CNPq’s Funding - PQ2).


Dynamic Capability Management - GCD

Leader of the research group: Dr. Walter Bataglia

Research projects in progress:

  • The Relation between Relational Capability and Transaction Costs in Strategic Contractual Alliances (CNPq’s Funding - Applied Social Sciences).
  • Strategic contractual alliances: The Relationship between the Relational Capability and Transactions’ Attributes and Performance (FAPESP’ Funding - Regular).
  • Institutions and investment in the pharmaceutical clinical trial sector (CNPq’s Funding - PQ2).