Admission and Scholarships


Applications can be submitted online on the Mackenzie Webpage in the period intended for them as per the Graduate Degree Program Selection Process Notices, published twice annually, for the first and second semesters.

To apply for a Mackenzie Graduate Degree Program, stay alert to Selection Process launches and complete the Application Form.

The Selection Process requirements are as follows:


  • Specific knowledge test
  • Test of proficiency in one (01) foreign language (English, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Statement of intended research
  • Interview


  • Specific knowledge test
  • Test of proficiency in two (02) foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Draft research project
  • Interview


Note: failure to pass the test of proficiency is not a disqualifier for the selection process. Qualification of a dissertation or thesis can only occur if the test of proficiency has been passed, and the candidate must have taken and passed a new test by the date of submission of the Draft.

Additional documents: Defended Master’s Dissertation, Notarized Copy of the Master’s Diploma or Copy of the Minutes of the Defense, and Front and Back Copy of the Education Report. All to be sent to e-mail address, or mailed (Sedex) to the address of the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo Mackenzie, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo (PPGAU UPM), Rua da Consolação, 896 – Prédio 9 – São Paulo – SP – CEP: 01302-907 – Phone No.: 55 11 21149792 – Secretary Eva Garcia.


PPGAU UPM has scholarship grants available for master’s and doctorate candidates.


We have CAPES-PROSUP grants to offer pursuant to an internal selection process. There is also the tuition exemption mode, under which candidates are exempted from payment of their monthly dues. Under the Scholarship mode, candidates receive a funds grand in addition to exemption from tuition. Master’s candidates also have available the Merit Scholarship mode, granted by the Mackpesquisa Fund.

The Doctorate Program offers the tuition exemption contract option, pursuant to a choice made upon admission and requiring 20 weekly hours of dedication to the Program for Graduate Program activities – lectures, research and readings in line with the thesis, attendance at research groups and projects, and assistance to management activities. The duties of grant-earning candidates and those that elect the tuition-exempt mode also include submission of the thesis strictly within the regulatory deadline, as well as compliance with requirements concerned with attendance at research groups and projects, passing all required and elective subjects, attendance and events and publication in Annals and/or in CAPES-qualified journals. Quotas also exist of scholarships under the Overseas Sandwich Doctorate Scholarships Program (“Programa de Doutorado Sanduíche no Exterior” – PDSE)/CAPES, with two yearly quotas.

All master’s or doctoral candidates may earn a Mackpesquisa Fund grant in the form of a discount from tuition as researchers under research projects funded and approved as per Public Notice. The Mackpesquisa Fund also provides funding for Paper Publication Subsidy and Paper Translation, pursuant to approval by the Program’s Coordination and the General Graduate Programs Coordination.