The Linguistics and Literature Program has a level 6 classification from the Brazilian Ministry of Education’s standard body CAPES, which corresponds to a grading of internacional excellence. The Masters course was approved by CAPES in 1998. In 2005, the Doctorate course was approved, and began from the 1st semester of 2006. The studies and research subjects that make up the program are concentrated in the areas of text and discourse. With the development of this single area of concentration, the Program aims to overcome the traditional dichotomy between language studies and linguistics on the one side and literature on the other. The goal therefore is to promote, from the perspective of discourse, both the relationship between these studies and between verbal and non-verbal languages. Based on this concept, the program is designed to train professionals not only in Letters but also in related areas such as journalism, advertising, translation, education, law and others in which text is the main focus of the work.

Job Market

The Linguistics and Literature Program trains its students in the fields of teaching and research, with the aim of training higher education teachers and researchers in the area of Letters, particularly in text studies and discourse. It also contributes to the training of elementary and middle school language and literature teachers and professionals in related fields.

Reviews and Awards
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