Additional Relevant Information

Regarding the course, we recommend that the student contact her/his Advisor to establish a plan.


The points of attention for such planning in the Master's course are:

• 24 months duration (minimum 18)

• Taught subjects: 6

• Potential supervisor is assigned at admission

• Proficiency in one foreign language

• Obligatory programmed activity

• Publication (at least in a national scientific event)

• Qualifying exam

• Master's dissertation defense


As for the Doctorate, the points of attention are:

• Duration of 48 months (minimum of 36)

• Taught subjects: 4

• Supervisor is defined at admission

• Proficiency in two foreign languages

• Obligatory programmed activity

• Publication (at least in a scientific periodical)

• Qualifying exam

• Doctorate thesis defense


Organization of the classes

Classes occur in the evenings, from 19:30 to 22:30, from Monday to Thursday, and every taught subject has 12 meetings.