The Institute of Medical Research - IPEM

IPEM is intended for clinical and experimental research in small and medium-sized animals, and its creation - including construction of the physical area of 235 m2 - was completed in 1993. It is located nearby (about 50 meters) from the hospital complex and thus designed to facilitate and stimulate the members of the clinical staff, FEPAR teachers and the large number of physicians and other professionals outside the HEI (higher education institution) who are daily walking by, conducting research and academic training. It is dedicated exclusively to the Program

The succinct description of their areas is the one that is divided into: work areas and bioterium.


Work areas

1) Coordination and Collegiate Room (17.10 m2): air-conditioned environment with adequate furniture and computer facilities.

2) Reception and Secretary (23.85 m2): composed of own furniture to facilitate the relationship with the student / faculty and computer facilities. Allows to control and support students. Employees are trained in all applications for research, bibliographic research, statistics, graphical publishing, among others.

3) Study room (26,80 m2): air-conditioned environment composed of oval table for 10 people, cabinets, two computers and free access to the web for the student / faculty in the discussion and research meetings. Here is installed the Computer Laboratory equipped with four computers with free wireless internet access. It also allows the creation and editing of scientific and didactic videos. It has printer and copier, digital camera, multimedia equipment, color scanner. This laboratory allows the final editing of all the works produced in the Program.

4) Operation room 1 (13.50 m2): air-conditioned experimental environment consisting of a surgical table for small and medium animals Carl-Zeiss videomicroscope for microsurgery and an artificial respirator.

5) Operation room 2 (13.50 m2): air-conditioned environment consisting of a surgical table, a simulator box for video surgery and a surgical table for small animals.

6) Laboratory for tumor marking (11.10 m2): air-conditioned environment with appropriate cabinets, equipment for image analysis system, a water deionizer, drying stove and sterilization stove.

7) Immunohistochemistry laboratory (6,90 m2): air conditioned environment with cabinets, chapel, microscope, water distiller, refrigerator and  equipment for immunohistochemical staining. It is intended for immunostaining research with a wide range of anatomopathological complementation, immunomarkers and biochemical markers, which have played a prominent role in high standard research work.

8) Warehouse (3.90 m2), purge (5.75 m2), Material Center (4.50 m2)



It has two administrative staff that assist in the control and support to the students in bibliographical search, publishing and others; Two laboratory technicians for handling chemical / biological materials; An animal room caregiver for maintenance and care of housed animals; And a hygiene official. It counts on a veterinarian to aid in the surgical procedures, anesthetics and audit to the projects realized in the HEI.


Bioterium (animal facility)

Modern, divided into three specific and isolated compartments for mice, rabbits and other small and medium sized animals, as well as technical support area with varied rations according to the research needs. It also has a modern pressurized insulating shelf and laminar flow for the maintenance of mice in an environment free of contamination. It consists of: Bioterium 1 (10.75 m2) with rack and cages for mice and insulating cabinet with laminar flow intended for sterile research; Bioterium 2 (11.50 m2) with rack and mice cages; Bioterium 3 (11.50 m2) with shelf and cages for rabbits; Bathroom (1,84 m2)


Affiliated laboratories

The affiliated laboratories through covenants are: Citolab and Genomixx - Molecular Diagnostics. Citolab is a laboratory of pathological anatomy, cytopathology and molecular biology, focused on highly differentiated research and diagnosis, located in the city of Curitiba offering conventional methods, diverse special stains, immunohistochemistry and innovations in the area that are applied in ongoing projects. Genomixx - Molecular Diagnostics has equipment and technology to perform automated DNA extraction, Real Time PCR, conventional PCR, multiplex PCR, gel electrophoresis, qualitative research of pathogens, DNA genotyping, DNA hybridization, mutation research (eg KRAS and BRAF).