The Program's general objectives include:

  1. To encourage candidates to pursue an academic career;
  2. To offer candidates the resources for learning and improving teaching skills for the academic environment;
  3. To promote meetings and lectures with experts in the field of medical research.

The specific objective of the program is to enable candidates to identify, define and solve relevant scientific problems, including performing translational research (applied, descriptive or analytical research), developing scientific ideas and rationale, and, ultimately, applying the data to promote improvements in healthcare.

For candidates pursuing master´s degree, the program offers a means to do a thoroughly literature review, prepare lectures, analyze essays and dissertations, conduct and supervise ongoing research projects, and write scientific papers for publication.

For the doctorate degree, in addition to the master´s degree, the objective is for the student to conduct scientific projects that can contribute to the progress of the chosen medical field.  In addition, the candidate must demonstrate ability to assist and help other researchers to conduct their scientific projects and become principle investigators in future projects.