The papers should be presented in the form of an expanded abstract and submitted until 09.10.2019 (September 10, 2019).

The submission of the papers will be done only and exclusively by sending the work to the email address, with the mandatory title containing the number of the chosen axis, followed by a hyphen and the description of the modality of participation, these being “POSTER INSCRIPTION” ou “ORAL PRESENTATION”.

The e-mail should contain:

  1. In the body of the electronic message – full name and qualification and/or electronic and telephone contacts;  
  2. File.doc attached, with the ABSTRACT that should have a maximum of 600 WORDS with spaces, font Times New Roman, size 12, single spacing containing:
  • Title of the paper;
  • Name of the authors, institution to which the authors are linked and advisors/collaborators (if any);
  • Key-words;
  • Objectives, methodology and conclusions;
  • References.

The submission of the paper will be considered effective only with a confirmation email to the email address of the person who made the submission, confirming this procedure.

When submitting the papers, the authors are aware that if they have their work selected for presentation at the Meeting, the author’s presence will be mandatory on the given day (October 30th, and/or October 31th, and/or November 1st). For the international authors there will be divulgation in the form of presentation by digital media.

Important notes:

The receipt of the electronic message (confirmation of the paper’s reception) does not, in any way, means the approval of the research paper for presentation at the event.

The submission of papers for evaluation does not guarantee participation in the Meeting, which will be made possible only upon inscription.


The Scientific Committee will analyze all the abstracts submitted according to the established criteria and will disclose the results of the selected papers until September 30, 2019.

The selected abstracts will be presented in the form of posters or oral presentation, as decided by the Author.


The authors of selected abstracts should bring their printed posters in size 90x1,20- portrait position, with a cord at the top for attachment to a mural or clothesline, for presentation at the event, containing the most relevant information of the research carried out or in progress (abstract, problem, objectives, methodology, conclusions/results, references). The poster should indicate the name of the author(s) and/or supervisor and collaborator(s), affiliated institution(s) and place where the research was or is being carried out.

The creation, transportation, exhibition and withdrawal of the poster are full responsability of the authors, who, upon arriving at the event, should immediately communicate with the organization of the event for their exhibition.