Selection Criteria

Selection criteria

In total, 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as early career researchers will be selected to participate in the Sao Paulo School of Social and Affective Neuroscience. We are going to select  25 students from Sao Paulo, 25 from other parts of Brazil, and 50 from outside of Brazil. All students from outside of Brasil or outside of São Paulo will be funded by our SPSAN.


Applications have to demonstrate excellence in line with the FAPESP call for the SPSAN by providing the following documents:


(1) Rationale written by the candidate for his / her application, specifying the importance of the course for his / her training;

(2) One page summary of his/her ongoing research project, describing the institution at which the research is carried out;

(3) Letter of recommendation from the candidate's supervisor;

(4) CV with relevant aspects of his/her scientific activity including publications in international scientific journals.


Based on this information, candidates will be ranked according to the following criteria:


(i) adherence to the outlined contents of the SPSAN;

(ii) importance of the SPSAN for the career development of the candidate;

(iii) the quality of the candidate's academic training and research activities;

(iv) scientific engagement (participation in scientific events, published articles, participation in/member of scientific societies, among others);

(v) career level in accordance with the outlined criteria (Bachelor's students-or equivalent-at the final stage of their degree, Master's, and Doctoral students, Post-doctoral researchers).