UPM's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is the subordinate organ of the CIT responsible for regulating the institutional policies for innovation, technology transfer and the management of partnerships with the Productive Sector.

  1. Define and maintain the UPM's intellectual property and technology transfer policies.
  2. Receive, analyze and manage the university Intellectual Property (IP).
  3. Assist the researchers in the technology transfer agreements.
  4. Negotiate and manage the technology transfer agreements.
  5. Define the mechanisms and institutional processes for the capture and management of productive sector resources for the financing of applied research.
  6. Participate in events and associations involving innovation, technology transfer and intellectual property that may be of interest to UPM.

Protecting an Intellectual Property at UPM involves the following steps:

  1. Link for researcher to register and submit a new communication of invention. click here
  2. Fill in the Invention Communication Form at the innovation platform. click here
  3. CIT will prepare a Preliminary Evaluation Report of the application for IP protection.
  4. An analysis of the request and preliminary report will be made based on technical (legal), commercial and strategic criteria of UPM (Rectory + UA + CDI + MSol).
  5. If the request is granted, it will be forwarded to the partner office to prepare the request.
  6. If the request is rejected, the applicant may change the request and re-enter the request accompanied by a justification for the resubmission.
  7. Once the application for IP registration has been submitted, the entire process will be monitored by CIT, together with AJUn and the partner office

The principles, policies, competencies and operational guidelines regarding Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Transfer (TT) issues of the UPM are defined in RE-CONSU-20/2014 (General Policies, Regulations and Procedures of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University). All IP issues involved in UPM's research, development and innovation processes will follow the provisions of this resolution. Click here to download the document.