Stamps of the Reformation: An Illustrated History Through the Centuries

História e FilosofiaMackenzie InstitucionalCiências da Religião

Maurício Melo Meneses



A hasty look at the history of the Protestant Reformation can lead one to believe that it came from a sudden inspiration of the men who undertook it. Although it is true that the Reformation came about through individual journeys, it is also true that it is part of the larger context of the history of Europe and the Christian Church. The reader is invited to discover a little more about the rich history of the Protestant Reformation, told by means of philatelic images chosen from Maurício Melo Meneses’s collection, which is entirely dedicated to the topic. The first part of this book is illustrated with stamps and philatelic documents that show the main forerunners and protagonists of the Reformation. In the second part, a series of stamps reveals the developments of the Reformation: its expansion throughout the world, the religious wars, the first translations of the Bible into the vernacular languages, among other events. Finally, the reader is presented with stamps that make reference to the establishment of Protestantism in Brazil, with emphasis on Presbyterianism.

Ano: 2013

ISBN: 9788582930120

Dimensões: 21 x 28,5 cm

Qtd. páginas: 129


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