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Portuguese for foreigners

Enrolment online

The aim of the course is to teach Portuguese by means of a dynamic and situational method. It is addressed to students over 13 that need to learn the language in a colloquial and correct way and in a short time.

We’ll try to make the beginner student speak, read, listen, understand and write Portuguese while, at the same time, offering conditions to continue his/her learning.

Besides the study of grammatical structures, the presentation of cultural, geographic and historical aspects are very important for the involvement of the student with the Portuguese language, so these will also be highlighted.

Cirene de Castro Camus;

Denise Collaneri Palma;

Guilherme Bernardo de Oliveira;

Katia Maria Fernandes

Irene Soares Thiago;

Maria Thereza Garrelhas Gentil;
Paula Cristina Correia Laxer;
Rosa Maria Oliveira Justo;

Silvia H. Marques Thalacker;
Thais Helena Affonso Verdolini;

Viviane Fernandes Almeida Oliveira. 

Duration of the course
3 years - 7 semesters

2 semesters - Basic
1 semester - Pre-Intermediate
1 semester - Intermediate
3 semesters - Advanced 

Material (not included in the price)
Can be bought at any bookshop.

Student's book
Exercise book

FERNANDES, Glaucia; FERREIRA, Telma and RAMOS, Vera. Muito Prazer. Disal Editora. (Basic, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate)

LIMA, Emma. Português Via Brasil. Editora Pedagógica e Universitária Ltda. (Advanceds)

Timetable – 1st semester 2013 (2 classes of one hour and 30 minutes each per week or 1 class of 3 hours per week).

Basic 1

Mon/Wed 10h40

Mon/Wed 18h

Tue/Thur 16h10

Basic 2

Mon/Wed 13h





Mon/Wed 9h05

Monday (13-16h)


Monday (18-21)

Wednesday (14h35-17h35)






Advanced 1



Mon/Wed 14h35

Monday 18-21h


Advanced 2




Mon/Wed 14h35




Tuesday (18-21h)

Prices - 1st semester 2012

Enrolment + 4 installment3 (starting on march 10th )



without discount

Installments with discount





R$ 289,25

R$ 289,25

R$ 245,66

R$ 231,40

R$ 216,93

R$ 202,47

Discounts after paying the enrolment:

15% - former students of Mackenzie (must be signed up at and official partners of Mackenzie (see the list at Assessoria de Desenvolvimento Educacional);

20% - students enrolled in other units of Mackenzie or students of other groups during weekdays from 7:30am to 4:00pm;

25 % - brothers, parents or children of the students regulary enrolled at clem or Mackenzie employees;

30% - students regulary enrolled in one language that want to study another.Information subject to changes. 

Front Desk:
Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 9:00pm

Friday, from 8:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday. from 7:00am to 11:00am

Tel.: 55 (11) 2114-8431
Fax: (55 11) 3214-2873